Dover, Delaware -- It was a nice sunny racing day in Dover

Written by John vd Pol Saturday, 01 October 2011 12:38

Dover, Delaware -- It was a nice sunny racing day in Dover, Delaware. A Lineup of 15 Drivers and 150 Laps of Racing was underway with only three Cautions under 11 Laps and nine Lead changes by four Drivers. It was newcomer Rudy de Wit who took the Pole Position and has led 118 of 150 Laps, followed by Sascha Henken who led 17 Laps und Thomas Kroll with 12 Laps.

Rudy de Wit:"Didn't expect a win, and it hadn't been secured untill the flag. Was a bit suprised to be on pole as I didn't really have a qual set. But it's a great point to start from. First stint I could create a 1 second gap to Manuel, but he was faster on the long run. After 33 laps the first yellow dropped. New tires and a new shot. The second stint pretty much the same thing as the first. I could create a gap and Manuel closed it.

After the second yellow things got interesting Sacha didn't pit and it took 15-20 laps before I was able to pass him on fresh rubber. After that a pretty long run and green flag stops. The yellow dropped and I feared to be a lap down as I hadn't seen Manuel in pit road yet. Somehow he must have been involved because I had the lead after the stops. The restart was interesting, I spun the tired badly at the start and was lucky to hold on. I pushed really hard at the start to get some distance on the people behind me on fresher rubber. 10 laps before the finish Sacha closed the gap, gladly him being behind me mad my car a little looser and I was able to put the pedal to the floor mid corner and hold it there. Was glad that the checkered dropped shouldn't have been 10 laps longer as I think Sacha would have passed me then.

Mathieu Souphy:My day ended rapidly unfortunately... on lap 35 or so came a bit too hot off a corner, slammed the outside wall and got pinballed to the inside wall. Massively spinning all over the place. Great job by the guys behind me for avoiding me! Pitted for repairs but unfortunately the car wasn't what it had been, and after another hit on the wall a few laps later I decided to park it cause I thought I was a hazard to other drivers. Hope for better luck in Michigan.

Daniel Moellers: Very nice race yesterday!
Due to lack of luck and talent I didn't finish as good as I hoped. Got a fast and consistent setuop but wasn`t able to use it wisely. An EOLL-Penalty on one of the caution and a wreck later in the race was too much for good result. At the end of the day however I had a lot of fun. A lot of respect on the racetrack. Sometimes maybe a bit too much. I didn`t expect to pass some of the guys so easily on my chase through the field after my EOLL. But anyway. Nice race, want more now.

Chris Hall: Surprised to finish in the top 5. Had a car that really struggled to maintain a pace, so my only hope was if the race stayed green. In the first stint I pushed too hard at the start, and found myself dropping spots after 15 laps as my RF decided it'd had enough of my unsympathetic driving. Thankfully we got a yellow, so I took some wedge out and dropped the RF psi by a pound - this helped a lot for the second stint - helped by the fact it looked like others realised they had started out too hot, the second stint had more of a rhythm to it, and my tires were doing better. but then 30 laps later I was having to let people by, as my tires gave up the ghost again.

Then came the fateful final stint. I'd noted that 1 gal = 5 laps so, I brimmed up on the penultimate yellow and cruised in 4th in the pace queue; I had enough to make it to the end on fuel, so I just kept lapping and lapping - then to my surprise, when I though Rudy was going to lap me, he dived into the pits with a few others. 1.5 seconds of the ultimate place, I was running loads of calculations in my head about when people would catch me and get back on the same lap, when the final yellow came out, which meant I'd maintained a lap above the majority of the field. I knew I didn't have the longivity to challenge Thomas for the podium, so consolidated my position and let the lappers past to fight out their battle (with a grandstand seat). Great racing out there it was

Coming up next: Michigan Intl. Speedway on September 30th.

Ian D Smythe took the checkered flag

Written by John vd Pol Saturday, 01 October 2011 12:20

Phoenix, Arizona -- Ian D Smythe took the checkered flag at his debut start at Phoenix Intl. Raceway on September 16th, followed by Ralph Krause with a 00.594secs gap in second place and Eddy van Schayk with 01.158sec gap in third place.

As the League switched from the Chevrolet Silverado Truck Series to the Impala B (Nationwide) racecar, a lot new names celebrated their debut on this particular hard and tough race track like Chris D. Hall, Ian D Smythe, Robert Burton, Raymond Fairclough, Mathieu Sophy just to name a few new names. A few scratches here and stitches there between a few cars sharing contacts, we shall say Love Taps, but that was all about that happened. Most of the time, people lost their car on track which caused a Caution.

The field counted 16 Drivers and the race was a smooth race against the assumption by Race Officials that it would be a wreck fest. The event had 7 Yellows under 27 Laps, 7 different Lead Changes between 3 drivers. The Teams are now moving on to The Monster Mile that is Dover Intl Speedway in Delaware. The event will take place on September 23rd.

Van Schayk is IRSS Track Champion 2011

Written by John vd Pol Saturday, 01 October 2011 12:18

ATLANTA, Virginia -- A spectacular race took place on September 9th, 2011 with Eddy van Schayk on Pole Position, followed by Sascha Henken and Thomas Kroll.

The Race started very calm but there was a lot of excitement going on from the start. Henken tried to beat van Schayk directly on the start but didn´t had a good start with some wheel spin not able to catch him. A few laps Henken was able to stay on van Schayk his rear bumper but then his tyres started to fall off. After the first of seven cautions, Henken showed a superb attack on van Schayk and was able to overtake him on the outside with a dramatic maneuveur and being able to extend his gap of a few seconds. However it didn´t took long for van Schayk to close the gap and getting back the lead.

Thomas Kroll who had an accident with Dirk Bunk had to retire later in the race due to severe damage so both drivers had to leave the race track and looking forward to the next event. Eric Martel who showed an excellent pace just tried to stay out of everyone´s else trouble and achieved a solid 3rd place, followed by Sascha Wesler in 4th and Kroll after retirement the 5th position.

Eddy van Schayk who dominated the entire race long started from Pole and finished the race in 1st place took the Season Championship title once again. All drivers celebrated him on track with a few parade laps clapping him on the shoulders showing their respect towards van Schayk.

This was the last race of the 2011 IRSS Truck Season while the League now prepares to bring on the IRSS Impala B COT 2011/2012 Championship. The Games are beginning again and everyone has to learn new physics, handling characteristics and we will see who will dominate or probably not the Impala B Season. Our secret favorite will be Ralph Krause who is giving his Debut after a long break. The IRSS Impala B Season starts officially on September 16th, 2011 and will follow the official iRacing Schedule where possible.

Van Schayk wins at Atlanta

Written by John vd Pol Saturday, 01 October 2011 12:09

ATLANTA, Hampton Georgia -- Being on Pole Position, leading all laps and leave the rest of the field behind, Eddy van Schayk took the Chequered Flag at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

It is the third victory for van Schayk during the current season that ends officially on September 9th and brings him to the lead in the IRSS Championship, three points ahead of Sacha Henken! The race totally driven under green flag but with smal scratches here and there between several drivers, a lot of respect and disciplin was shown. As things cycled through, van Schayk, Driver of the No. 5 Mopar Dodge, had a demanding 7-second lead over Mike Morris.

Eddy van Schayk was able to hold the lead , remaining to score the win and also collected valuable 5 bonus points for the upcoming and last Truck Race at Richmond Intl. Raceway under the Night Lights on September 9th, 2011. Started at the end of the field Mike Morris driving the No. 59 Chevrolet Silverado, collected the whole field finished the second spot with an amazing pace! Long in a while our fellow fast race driver Jens Gessner was back in the driver seat again, with a stunning performance rouning up the Top 3!

Another new kid on the block was German driver Olaf Bochert who finished his first race with a steady 9th place. Jann Dircks showed his performance in his first race as well on Position 11. Everyone is packing their equipment now and heads towards the Season Final Event at Richmon Intl. Raceway under the Night Lights and 200 interesting laps.

The current Top 3 Standing as follows:

Van Schayk - 321 points
Sascha Henken - 318 points
Thomas Kroll 309 points

Henken wins at Bristol

Written by John vd Pol Saturday, 01 October 2011 12:06

Bristol, Tennesee -- Sascha Henken scored his victory in the IRSS Truck Series holding off Pole Sitter Sascha Wesler to win the Bristol 200. Eddy van Schayk starting at the back due to technical inspection problems, only needed a few laps to pass Sascha Wesler and took the lead. Further in the field, Dirk Bunk pushed high on entry in Lap 6 and collected Thomas Kroll in the process causing the first of two Cautions today. His Truck had severe rear damage and would be off pace all race long.

On Lap 100 of 200 a yellow came out involving Eddy van Schayk, Sascha Henken and Manuel Bubbers. During the pitstop, van Schayk his pitcrew wasn't able to fixed his car completely. On the restart, it was again Eddy van Schayk who had the most speed with Sascha Henken #18 fighting for the lead. With tire wear in play, Henken was able to take the lead on lap 140 after technical problems for Eddy van Schayk.

The Situation stayed the same for the remainder of the race. On Lap 200 Henken won the race followed by Eric Martel, Manuel Bubbers, Sascha Wesler and Ingemar Petersson rounding up the Top5. The Bristol 200 saw only two cautions for a total of 9 laps. The IRSS Truck Series now travels to Atlanta Motor Speedway on September Friday 2nd, 2011. It´s now three contenders who are able to claim their Championship: Eddy van Schayk, Thomas Kroll or Sascha Henken.

Dramatic win for van Schayk at Daytona Intl. Speedway

Written by John vd Pol Sunday, 10 July 2011 20:24

With only a gap of 0.062 seconds in front of Mike Morris, Eddy van Schayk has won the battle at Daytona Intl. Speedway once again, after a brilliant finish at Texas Motor Speedway. It was a dramatic race at the end as Markus Gerdelmann has taken the lead after his last pitstop. Marc Rieger and Matthias Jattiot were on a strategy for this event in hope that it would have payed off for them but as with every race it is "Expect the unexpected..."

Jattiot said after the race: All i wanna say... Another stupid mistake costs the win again. In Talladega i lost the gear @186mp/h and the race was over and yesterday a really stupid idea running 48 Laps without a pitstop destroyed the hole plan....

Winner van Schayk said after the race: All the credits goes to the team and to Mr. Morris, my teammate Henken and Mr. Bunk. I could´nt do it without you guys. I own you one!!!! Great race with lots of strategy and many thanks to the new guys. Helluva Job out there guys!!!

Bunk who also helped Eddy later in the run said after the race: The strategy was good. Behind Eddy and Mike with cars on low fuel in front of us, the 3rd position was realistic for me ... then the 2nd caution. Behind Eddy and Mike on the outside I was still fighting for the 5th position but after 97 laps the car in front lost control and pushed me into the wall ... No offense to Mike. He is a great racer and a human ... and mistakes happen. But it was hard for me after 97 laps. 2nd race, 2nd DNF ... but again a really great race.

Also Mr. Morris added after the race: I remember near the end in the pack drafting with eddy and i went deeper down the track than usual during a turn and i lose the backend of my car and have to come off the gas for a split second to straight the car and bring it back up the track to stop a collision with the inside train then there was a bang and a x4 at 190mph; i can only think you went to my right whilst i briefly slowed and i made contact with you as i tried to come back into the top line, i did not know you were there it was not intentional, if i was aware of your track position and i had the chance i would of avoided the collision

We also thank all new guys who joined us lately that is Mr. Bunk, Sascha Wesler, Daniel Schmieg and Manuel Bubbers who all did a good start into the season.

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